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Things to Consider Before Hair Transplant – Important Precautions for the Success of the Procedure

The precautions to be taken before the operation have an impact on the success of the treatment in the treatment of hair transplantation, which has become increasingly popular recently and has begun to be implemented with more effective treatment techniques with the developing medical technology, and if a few easy-to-apply points are paid attention to, the pre-operative process can be easily taken under control.

Pre-Hair Transplantation Process

While having an attractive look, hair loss due to numerous factors and the onset of the condition portrayed as hair sparseness or baldness have a direct influence on the individual’s self-confidence in social life. Especially in the twenty-first century. Because of the quick change and development of medical technology in the field of hair transplantation, hair loss is no longer seen as a concern. Although technology is increasing the success rate of hair transplantation operations, it is critical for the operation’s success and benefit level that the individual has sufficient knowledge about the factors to be considered before and after hair transplantation and that these factors are applied in accordance with the physician’s advice.

It is vital to see hair transplant treatment as a whole and to split it into three fundamental stages: pre-operation, operation, and post-surgery. Although the process prior to hair transplantation is sometimes disregarded, it is at least as crucial as the other two components for the success of the hair transplantation operation, and as such, it must be carried out rigorously under the supervision of a physician. Within the context of many criteria, it is possible to analyze the aspects that should be stressed before the hair transplantation.

Planning the Process with the Physician Who Will Perform the Operation

The first element to consider before the procedure is the process of arranging the operation while taking into consideration the physician’s recommendations. This pre-surgery preparation is regarded as the beginning point since it will directly effect the recuperation duration and the success of the procedure after hair transplantation. Furthermore, the elements to be considered following hair transplantation are reviewed at this point, and the program is designed with these aspects in mind. For example, a patient who had hair transplant should avoid the water and sand for an extended length of time.

As a result, hair transplant procedures conducted just before a trip might disrupt both your plans and your health. Another advantage of staying in touch with the doctor is that specialized assistance is required at all times throughout hair transplant procedures. Again, any chronic illnesses or allergic situations should be fully discussed with the physician before the procedure. Although this is a remote possibility, it is useful to plan for any issues during the procedure.

Preoperative Medication Use

Although there are no general restrictions on medication usage prior to hair transplantation, it is generally advised to avoid medicines having blood thinning effects. This isolation will be sufficient for 7-10 days prior to the procedure.

Cigarette and alcohol use

As with the use of alcohol and cigarettes after hair transplantation, these two things should be rigorously avoided prior to hair transplantation, and the groundwork should be laid for the operation’s success to be accelerated. As with blood thinners, abstaining from these two drugs for 7-10 days before the surgery in alcohol and cigarettes is adequate.

Pre-Operation Hair Cleaning and Clothing Selection

Before the procedure, you must visit the hair transplantation facility after washing your hair and cleansing your scalp. It is advised to use natural shampoos rather than shampoos with high chemical content. It should be considered in the clothes section; it is vital to pick clothing that will not come into touch with the hair in any manner when dressing or taking off. It should be noted that the experts’ advice and demand at this stage are for shirt-style clothing.


The scope of diet before hair transplantation is limited in comparison to other elements, and it is advised not to take items that will strain the digestive system prior to the procedure. As a result, before the procedure, the type of nourishment known as a light lunch among the people should be recommended.

Keeping Chemicals Out of The Hair

Keeping the hair free of chemicals is critical not just for hair transplantation but also for hair health. From a pre-operative standpoint, hair cream, gel, or other chemical compounds should never be applied to the hair before the procedure.

Hair Transplant Treatments in Turkey

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  • Before the treatment, necessary health screenings are done.
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