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    Hair Transplant

    Hair Transplant

    People interested in hair transplant operation should absolutely make research and watch various videos before. Although they can understand many particulars visually, understanding the feeling of the operation is probably one of the most curious subjects. In this writing, it will be tried to answer to the question “Is the operation painful?” coming to the minds of those considering to have hair transplant operation. In order to better understand the issue of painless hair transplantation (painless hair transplantation, needle-free hair transplantation), first of all, it is necessary to know the basics of hair transplantation operation in order to understand where we encounter pain.

    Painless Hair Transplant without Ache

    Painless and acheless hair transplantation is constituted of operations whereas no pain is caused by the needle that can be felt in local anesthesia during the stages of hair collection and hair transplantation.

    Local Anesthesia Done with Needle Injector

    During the hair collection and canal opening stages, local anesthesia should be applied in the normal hair transplant procedure, and this local anesthesia can be done with a needle in its most primitive form. To describe this pain, it is the same as the pain of needle anesthesia that a dentist does. Again, the needles used in needle anesthesia are very thin and give the least damage to the skin. The application of local anesthesia with the injector needle is done by slowly pulling backwards from the most extreme point where the needle can reach horizontally after it enters under the skin. Thus, the widest spread is achieved with the least pinholes. More advanced and less painful application of needle local anesthesia is the application of anesthesia with needle-free injectors. Here, instead of a needle, it is the application with pressure that will penetrate the basic substance of anesthesia through very small capillary openings on the skin.

    Here we can mention two types of needleless local anesthesia injectors:

    Local anesthesia needle with plastic body: Since the pressure will be stored less, the duration of action can be 1-2 minutes.

    Steel body local anesthesia needle: Since the pressure will be much higher, it can transmit more active substance under the skin at a time.

    In this, we can express the effect time in seconds. In HCI operations, both plastic and steel body local anesthesia devices are used. In this application, the needle-free injector is made very little contact with the skin and when it is released, the active substance released under high pressure is allowed to reach subcutaneously. Thus, the pain at the time of needle insertion is never experienced. Anesthesia performed in this way ensures that the feeling of pain disappears at a very significant rate.

    Most Comfortable Anesthesia

    Sedation Application with Needle-Free Anesthesia

    The most advanced method of reducing pain today is sedation before using a steel needle-free injector. What is required for this application is the sedation procedure to be done through the vascular access a few minutes before the operation. Sedation is done by administering drugs to the patient through the intravenous line.

    This medicine is planned and administered by the anesthesiologist according to the age, weight and condition of the person.

    Sedation is different from general anesthesia. While the patient is in a state of complete sleep in general anesthesia, there is only relief in sedation and consciousness is clear.

    You can understand that the application does not involve any risk: Sedation is safely applied to people in a wide age group, from newborn babies to advanced-aged adults.

    As CatchLife Hair, needle-free anesthesia is applied to patients who will undergo surgery. In addition, for those with a lower pain threshold, an operation can be performed by applying sedation as a result of the interview.

    Other Particulars Enabling for Hair Transplant to be Painless

    Using the micro motor used in hair collection at low speed.

    The cylindrical needles used on the micro motor are made of medical steel, rich in chromium and nickel.

    Renewal of cylindrical needles that cut the scalp without allowing them to go blind during the operation.

    Using sapphire tips instead of metal slits (steel tips) to open channels where hair follicles will be transplanted.

    Careful care by health personnel after the operation and in the examinations to be made the next day are other factors that affect the comfort of the operation.

    You can contact us to get more information and support about ‘Hair Transplantation‘, where natural, successful and aesthetically pleasing results are obtained in CatchLife Hair.

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